Eric Morris


I'm Eric, a software engineer on Google Maps. I work on hilariously large data pipelines, mostly with an eye towards improving our statistical localization algorithms.

Before that, I was a tech lead / manager on the Global Growth (International) team at Udacity. I got to wear a number of hats there, such as helping grow the team from 6 to 27 full-time engineers, writing (or helping more junior engineers write) most of the core website and marketing infrastructure and generally keeping our A/B tests testing and our messaging integrations messaging.

Prior to Udacity, I was a Product Engineer at ZURB, where I helped maintain open source projects and Rails SaaS apps, in addition to helping out with frontend development for clients such as Samsung, JCPenny and SAP. I also interned at Palantir, where I was a Forward-Deployed Engineer on the Healthcare team.

During my time at Cornell, I served as the Creative Director for Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD), a 150+ student organization that specializes in sustainable architecture. I also helped manage a student co-working space called POPSHOP and founded Yorango, a real-estate startup that focuses on student rentals and subleases.

the deer child

The Deer Child

An engineer with a passion for data, product and design